I got the trail name Goosebumps on the Pacific Crest Trail. I never knew how well it would suit me then, but it has lent itself to all aspects of my hiking life. Many believe I got the name from the ever present goosebumps that cover my legs on a regular basis, but it's not because i'm cold! I get goosebumps when odd trail happenings occur or I hear stories about the trail and its amazing community. That is what I hope to do by sharing my adventures. My ultimate goal is to give you goosebumps, like mine, through my writing and photography.


I found my love for the outdoors back in college when I started studying Outdoor Education at California State University, Chico. I fell in love with the ruthlessness of our environment and the strong bonds that develop with the people around you. After an eighty day trip through snow, desert, canyons, and rivers, I knew that backpacking was going to be a part of my life forever. When I graduated from college, I was unsure of the next step to take in my life. A good friend of mine had hiked the Pacific Crest Trail a few years prior and it seemed right up my alley but I was a bit terrified by it all. How could I pull this off? But I jumped on a plane and flew down to San Diego. A hundred and fifty nine days later, I walked across the border into Canada on what is still one of the best days of my life.

Totally addicted to the thru-hiker lifestyle, I planned to hike the Appalachian trail that next year and immediately jumped back into it. The differences were innumerable but the feeling it gave me was the same and I craved more. I planned to do a month long trip around New Zealand on a bike that winter to break up all of the hiking I had been doing. At the last minute, I decided  to take four months and hike their long distance trail called the Te Araroa.  Just three short weeks after finishing the trail in New Zealand I had to get back to the U.S. to hike the Continental Divide Trail, becoming one of the youngest women in the world to complete the Triple Crown of hiking in back to back years. Its been a whirlwind of an adventure and I'm not done yet! Please enjoy the stories, pictures, and adventures.

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